Box Archives

One of our ongoing goals is to actively find new ways to reduce waste everyday, which is why we have brought you the Hikewize Box Archives, a paperless experience to learning about the items in your box. Below you will find every single item we have included in our boxes since the day we opened our doors. This page will be update for your reference each season as you continue exploring!

Adventure Medical Kits 

The perfect first aid kit for a day hike. This kit is ultra lightweight, waterproof, and will help you with minor cuts, scrapes, and bites during your adventures.

Buff Headband

Stay cool and sweat free with a Buff headband. The headband is equipped with HeiQ cooling technology, moisture wicking material, and odor resistant technology - perfect while you're working up a sweat to a summit!  

Bobo’s Oat Bars

One a rainy day in 2003, a mother and daughter, Bobo, created these delicious oat bars out of their home kitchen in Boulder, CO. With just a few simple ingredients, they were able to win the hears of their community and eventually the nation. Today, the bars are still made by hand and with the original recipe created by Bobo and her mom.

Clif Bar

A fan favorite - CLIF Bars feel like home. They are packed with nutritious and organic ingredients that you can munch on for some extra energy on the trails!

Cotopaxi Fanny Pack and Face Mask

Named after a city in the Central Luzon region of the Philippines, the Bataan is our take on the classic fanny pack. With its 3L size, this handy hip hugger keeps your necessities secure, organized, and close at hand. Snacks first, then lip balm, wallet, phone, and keys. And if there’s still some room ... more snacks. Wear it up front, on the side, or in the back. Like all of our Del Día items, no two Bataans are alike.

Dear Summit Supply Co. Trail Journal

A prompt for every hike. Made 100% of recycled paper and printed on eco-friendly vegetable-based ink. Dear Summit Supply Co. designs are made uniquely by hand by owner Deanna Jensen.

Farm to Feet Lightweight technical 3/4 crew sock: Appalachian trail collection

High performing wool socks to ensure comfort for your hikes. Farm To Feet products are manufactured in the U.S. using 100% U.S. Merino wool. You either received the Harpers Ferry or the Max Patch socks, which are part of the Appalachian Trail Collection. Harpers Ferry, WV, sits at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers and is close to home for the hearts of some of our Hikewize Team.

Gluten Free Bar Bites

The GFB uses high-quality ingredients that are not only certified gluten free; they’re also non-GMO verified, vegan, certified kosher and mostly organic. The GFB products are protein packed. And it's good, plant-based protein. That's why The GFB's products satisfy your cravings for good-for-you snacks but they don't leave you hungry for more after 10 minutes.

Gobi Gear Free Spirit Backpack

"Gobi Gear is named after the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, to pay tribute to the Mongolian nomads, who are, by nature, probably the most efficient travelers on Earth." - Gobi Gear

Take the lightweight Free Spirit pack on your next day hike! The Free Spirit Backpack packs down to the size of your hand - perfect to squeeze into your luggage, or to stow away neatly for your next adventure.

Karmik Outdoors Decals

Have you ever lost your outdoor gear on a trip and thought you would never see it again? Karmik Outdoors has created a way to connect you with someone who found your gear. Stick on a registered decal and start exploring with ease.

Knockaround Premium Sunglasses| Dependable sunglasses you can count on while you're crushing the trails. Your new sunnies are polarized and offer UV400 protection. The blue moonshine mirrored lenses keep your eyes protected and will make you look extra fresh when you get out there!

Kuju Pour-Over Coffee

Jeff and Justin, two Eagle Scout brothers who got tired of instant coffee wanted to bring you a quality cup to enjoy on the trails. Warm up with a Pocket PourOver by KUJU on an early morning hike, pack a few for a camping trip, or simply enjoy one on-the-go. See the back of your pack for instructions on how to enjoy a KUKU Pocket PourOver!


Ideal for outdoor activities, camping, and survival needs. The LifeStraw lasts up to 1,000 gallons of water and protects against 99.999999% of bacteria, parasites, microplastics, dirt, sand, and cloudiness. Pack this straw and feel more secure when backpacking or hiking on a hot day!

MONTyBOCA's TrailMeals Cookbook

Quick and easy trail-tested recipes to take with you on your next hike. All recipes are 10 ingredients or less AND only ask for fresh and real ingredients. Keep your stomachs fueled and happy on the trails!

Nalgene 32oz Widemouth Bottle + Easy Sipper

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Did you know that the Nalgene bottles we know today were originally used in a science lab? In the 1960s, labware scientists started using the bottles on backpacking trips because they were lightweight and did not leak. As the Carry In/Carry Out trend emerged and the bottles were starting to catch on to the hiking scene, this was the perfect space for Nalgene Outdoor to be created! Fast forward to today and they even have an easy sipper to insert into the opening to avoid spillage while drinking!

Pure Outdoor Tumbler 

The Pure Outdoor™ Tumbler is perfect for all your outdoor adventures when you want your favorite drink in hand. The 10 ounce (0.3 liter) lowball tumbler is powder-coated for durability and double walled for sweat-proof protection, keeping your cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Constructed of tough, food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, these tumblers are BPA-free and resistant to bacteria and odors. The double walled construction gives them a vacuum-sealed air gap, which keeps the contents steaming hot or icy cold. The high-quality exterior finish never sweats, so you don't have to worry about water damage to a wooden desk or to nearby books and papers.

Recover Brands Sweatshirt

We love working with brands who give back to the outdoors through every step of their business process - from manufacturing to fulfillment. Recover is an apparel company with a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmentally-friendly products.

Recover continues to support local, national, and global causes that align with the mission of their brand. From volunteering at river clean-ups, to donating a portion of earnings to organizations like the National Park Foundation, Recover continues to make an impact on the world we live in and the people who live in it. Take their hoodie when you hit the trails - at Zion this Spring, you can definitely expect the mornings and evenings to be cooler in temperature!

Snappy Towel

Cling to the chains of Angel's Landing with a Snappy Towel to keep your neck cool. Angel's Landing has almost no shaded areas and the popularity definitely extends the amount of time you are out under the sun. During parts of the hike it is hard to remain "handsfree", especially when walking inches from a cliff!

This towel is perfect for Angel's Landing and more. The Snappy Towel has 2 snaps to make sure they stay put on your neck. It is also equip with quick drying microfiber technology to avoid carrying a damp towel in your pack. Snap the towel to the outside of your pack for quick access, or to let dry! 

Split Nutrition pack

Fuel up with Split Nutrition! Each Split pack contains REAL food - simple ingredients to keep you energized on the trails. Split Nutrition packs have everything we ask for in a hiking snack: easy to eat, packable, wholesome, energizing, and delicious. - $24.95/BOX

Twin Springs Travel Soap

For long hiking trips, camping, and any weekend adventure. Twin Springs offers hand crafted, natural, and vegan products that are kind to the Earth and our bodies. We love Twin Springs travel soaps because it fits our on-the-go, adventure-filled lifestyles!

UCO (Mess Kit, Headlamp, Fire Striker, Fire Starter)

Founded in Redmond, WA in 1971, UCO Gear has been creating products that give you the confidence to have a comfortable and safe outdoor experience. For this box we have chosen two of our favorite UCO products: the 4-Piece Mess Kit and the Hundred 2 Headlamp.

Pack a lunch to enjoy when you reach the summit of a hike with the 4-Piece Mess Kit. The kit includes 1 Bowl/container, 1 Lid/plate, 1 Spork, and 1 Reusable Tether to keep it secure.

Wear the Hundred 2 Headlamp when you watch the sunrise and sunset to make sure your path is safely lit.

United By Blue (Carabiner Cup, Beanie)

Did you know everyday 38,356,164 pounds of trash are dumped into our oceans, putting wildlife in harm's way, contaminating our water, and polluting our beaches?

United by Blue is dedicated to tackling this problem by getting their hands dirty. They have already removed over 2 Million pounds of trash from our world's oceans and waterways. It doesn't stop there - they continue their mission by creating sustainable products that last and are ethically sourced and manufactured, like the Carabiner Mug that's in your winter box.

By being part of the Hikewize community, you have already started supporting their mission because for every product purchased, 1 pound of trash is removed. Visit to learn more about their cause and join their next cleanup!

Wildly Good Socks

Wondery Beanie

A parks apparel lifestyle brand that's working to empower YOU as you make your way into the outdoors.

Their philanthropic work is a major driver of the company. From supporting National Park projects to partnering with Global Wildlife Conservation to help protect land in Guatemala - Wondery Brand is continues to live out their mission of giving back.

We chose to include their beanie in this box so that you can stay warm when you make your way outside this season.

Xpand Quick-Release Lacing System

The Xpand Lacing System works on all types of shoes - from kids shoes, adults sneakers, to your hiking boots! We love Xpand because it gets us outdoors faster and we won't have to worry about our boots coming untied.